Sheizka Came To Visit
03 Jun-2016

It was good to spend time with my twin sister, Sheizka, last weekend. Ok, maybe it was a bit longer than a weekend but I'm glad she had a chance to come visit. I did my best to show her around where I've had a chance to explore and hang out over the

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Oh, 500 Server Error…. How I Hate Thee
13 May-2016

Over the page couple days has been having some server issues which has been making my life fun! Finally with the help of MediaTemple's great support staff the issues have subsided though it took moving to a new account to get it

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The New Jeep Is Lookin’ Good
05 May-2016

Little by little I'm making this Jeep my own. Man, this thing has really helped me get into a better groove here in California. I spend so much time on the road compared to living in Florida it really helps to have a new vehicle that's an automatic.

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Vinny Got Married (and I was there)
02 Mar-2016

So these two got hitched! I wish I could have stayed longer for the booze-fest that was the following day but I had to fly back to gloomy California (well not that gloomy). The ceremony was great and the weather was awesome. I got the first sunburn

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My copilot can’t read
21 Jan-2016

But man, he's a good looking boy. Honestly I love taking Bishop to work with me every day. He makes traffic much easier. 

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Good Morning Huntington Beach
15 Jan-2016

I'm still trying to get into the groove around here. This morning I got my ass up at 5am and decided to hit the gym hoping to catch a glimpse of what the surf was looking like. Workout was great and I feel so much better right now than I have been. I

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My Last Day At PMP
04 Dec-2015

Today marks the last day at PMP Marketing Group. Three long years of designing and building law firm websites has come to a close and a new chapter in California awaits. The next couple days will be filled with final preparations for my moving POD,

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03 Dec-2015
Huntington Beach, California…. Here I Come
18 Nov-2015

It's official, I'm on my way to Huntington Beach, California. Apartment is sorted out, Jeep shipping has been scheduled, etc, etc. All I need now is a plane ticket for Bishop and myself and to pack up all my shit in a shipping pod and we're gone. The

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Weekend Komala Wedding
14 Oct-2015

Last weekend marked the first of us 5 Komala kids to get married. My little sister Sara tied the knot in Berlin, New Jersey and the whole clan was there. We had a great time and it was so good to see everyone.

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So I Think We’re Moving to California
23 Sep-2015

As of Monday, my guys in Newport Beach, California made me an offer I can't refuse. It's going to be a huge move and a ton of work but it's time to get the fuck out of steamy Florida and on to dryer pastures (so to speak). Alex is stoked to be close

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10 Sep-2015

So for the past few months.. ok probably more....I've been playing Destiny on PS3 every chance I got. If you have no idea what "Destiny" is this article should fill you in. WHAT IS ‘DESTINY,’ AND WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT IT? As of next

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