30 Apr-2006

Jupiter and Beyond

My weekend consisted of surfing constant chop. I woke up early this morning and decided to head up to Jupiter and check out the waves. Whoa, big and powerful wind chop. The shore break was overhead and just getting in was a challenge in itself. I

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29 Apr-2006

Saturday Surf Recap

Ah, an early wake up call by Dan and Mary had me at the beach around 10:30. Surf wasn't too bad, big and choppy. The inside was mushy and crowded as Delray usually gets. I decided to paddle out to the outside and had a great solo session. Several

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28 Apr-2006

Oh Hell Yeah!

After checking the nearshore models for the next few days we’re about to get slammed with some serious surf! The outside sets are calling 10+, time to break out the short boards! I’ll take the camera along for some shots this weekend keep you guys

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27 Apr-2006

Holy Crap That Was Hot

The title says it all. I decided to take a different yoga class night at a studio just next door to my gym. The yoga was Bikram Yoga and the room was heated to a balmy 105+ degrees. Holy shit it was hot in there. I can't lie, I went for the chance to

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25 Apr-2006

South Florida Surf Report

CURRENT SUMMARY: Nothing on tap this morning. Looks flat with only minor traces upcoast -- check the forecast for details. SHORT RANGE FORECAST: High pressure remains in control for Tuesday. A cold front will approach the northern portion of

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