16 Jun-2011

This Could Be My New Favorite Bar

Walking down to the gym today I noticed this sign up on the building a few doors down from Oshea's (used to be Ray's house of Blues). My buddy Gene has been working all week for the grand opening on July 2nd, chock full of long boards, great food and

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15 Jun-2011

Flat as flat can be

I took this shot on a quick and incredibly muggy/ hot ride to the beach around lunch. There was a little children's surf camp on the beach trying to get kids used to the boards. Too bad there's no surf...wow that's flat.

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09 Jun-2011

There May Be Surf

It looks like there's a little surf out there but according to the forecast it should be bigger tomorrow. They're only calling for 2-3 feet but it is summer so we'll take what we can get.

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15 Apr-2011

Good Morning Flordia….Where the Hell is the Surf?

As summer approaches it always leaves me wondering "what the hell happened to the surf". We had a few good days this year but it seemed like when I lived in Delray my first year down here (2004-2005) we had so much more surf days. Months and months

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14 Nov-2010

Epic Weekend Surf in Delray

So stoked I got to get out and surf with my bro, Ramil this weekend in some epic surf down in Delray Beach. Right now I'm exhausted, sunburnt and sore as hell but still grinning from ear to ear. I do need a shot of tequila for the neck soreness but

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10 Nov-2010

More Surf On the Way

It looks like there's going to be even more surf on the way for this coming weekend, even bigger than last weekend. Unfortunately I was unable to make the last swell...I'm blaming Vince... and our taste for good tequila.I was hoping to hit it

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05 Nov-2010

It’s About To Get Fun…Surf’s On It’s Way!

How stoked was I when I woke up this morning to see the temperature dropped to the low 60's overnight. You know what that means.... surf's on it's way! Nice cold front with northern winds, current temp is 62 degrees and the weekend's looking very

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25 Oct-2010

Surf’s On Its Way

For some odd reason I was wide awake at 4am so naturally I began checking my local surf forecasts. At least something came out of it I guess (that and cleaned up all of my old surf camera / report bookmarks).SwellInfo.com is calling for the

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25 Oct-2010

Back In The Water Again

It was soo good to get back in the surf yesterday. Though they weren't ideal conditions it felt good to catch a few and get wet once again.Surf yesterday on Palm Beach was mostly power chop around the 2-4 foot range but closing out for the most

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18 Oct-2010

2001 Land Rover Discovery II SE – The New Ride

So this weekend I finally pulled the trigger on getting a vehicle to haul my surf boards to the beach. After searching forever and saving up some coin I decided on a Land Rover. I know, I know... they always seem to have issues but when it comes to

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27 May-2010

We Had Surf! So Stoked

After a full day of watching perfect surf go by without a way to get the board to the beach (and time to surf because of deadlines) I was able to talk my neighbor Patrick into hitting the beach.I forgot how happy just being in the water and

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17 Feb-2010

More Surf On The Way

Looks like we're going to enjoy more surf over the next few days. I made an evening run out to the beach before sundown yesterday and caught a few guys out at La Puerta on Palm beach catching some nice clean 3-4 beauties. Mild offshore breeze and

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