15 Feb-2010

Finally Got To Go Surfing Again!

This really made my month. Early Saturday morning I got the call from Spencer, a neighbor kid in the building, to see if I'd be up for hitting the surf. The forecast looked good but the temperature was right around 49 degrees. Screw it, I'm not

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17 Nov-2009

Finally Got Back In The Water

Over the weekend we finally had some epic surf around here. I procured a ride from Zak to the beach to catch a few on Sunday. It felt really good to get back in the water again.The inside was a bit dumpy so I paddled about 300 yards offshore and

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27 Oct-2009

Choppy Surf

My daily ride consists of heading over to the beach and taking a look at the surf, though I have no idea when I'll have a chance to get back in the water again. I have yet to try out getting a ride over. To be honest the surf hasn't really warranted

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14 Sep-2009

We Had Surf…Now I’m Paying For It

Saturday morning I headed out to Palm Beach with my neighbor Bryan and his brother. Solid North East swell and clean. Most were in the waist to chest high range. The sets were a little bouncy but it was lining up perfectly. A couple key peaks were

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24 Aug-2009

We Had Surf!

Saturday was a rough morning but we made it happen. Ramil, Spencer and I packed it up and headed north for Ft. Peirce. It's only about an hour or so north of my house here in West Palm but it was well worth it.Most sets were right around 4-5 ft

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19 Aug-2009

This Looks Promising – Hurricane Bill

I know most people are usually up in arms when it comes to hurricanes around here but surfers are not. This looks like it'll be the perfect storm for us South Florida surfers. It's been a doldrum of surf over the past few months. Yeah, I said

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14 Jul-2009

No Surf Till….

We "almost" had surf over the weekend. Not here, mind you...up in Juno, but even that didn't pan out the way we'd all hoped. Yup, it's the typical summer "Lake Atlantic" summer doldrums. It's getting so hot outside doing anything aside from lounging

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21 May-2009

We’ve Got Surf…Sort Of

Yesterday Surfline was calling for 4-5 ft here in West Palm so around 2pm I headed down to Flagpole to check the surf. It looked semi-rideable but definitely not 4-5 ft rideable. It looked as though the wind had really gotten on it and was mushing

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27 Mar-2009

Surf is Building

After some debate and checking the surf camera up in Jupiter I decided to head that way and see what I could catch. It looked better on the cameras than it actually was but it was still pretty good. 4-5 sets rolling through in intervals. Once again I

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26 Mar-2009

Oh Yeah, This Should Be Fun

This looks like it's going to be a lot of fun this weekend. Or at least at the end of the week. The image above is a snapshot of Surfline's forecast for the next few days and if you notice it says....6-9 foot mid-day on Friday. Saturday will probably

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20 Mar-2009

Jupiter Was Fun

Last night's after work surf trip up to Jupiter turned out pretty good and overall much better than surfing freakin' Palm Beach. For some reason I was just in the mood to surf el solo and kind of collect myself.When I arrived the outside was

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19 Mar-2009

West Palm Beach Wind Chop

That's right folks, I finally made it back in the water after how many months. It was only wind chop and to be honest it wasn't that easy to catch a good ride. Not to mention the hundreds of sharks in the water but it had to be done. I haven't had

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