26 Jun-2008

We Have Surf!

I was as shocked as you when I heard the new yesterday. Well, maybe not. The wind's changed direction and churned up some nice little wind chop for us to ride. I took my little brother Mike out for his first time on a surfboard. The hardest part

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09 Jun-2008

Weekend’s Warming Up

Ah, such a nice weekend though it's definitely beginning to feel like summer for sure. Friday was Rocco's birthday party down at Rocco's Tacos. Trish and I cooked out with a few of my neighbors down by the pool before heading down to Rocco's to wish

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07 Jun-2008

Longboard Time

Yeah, it's that time of year again when all we get are little rollers and the only board you need is 8 foot or bigger. I took my Robert August down to Flagpole here in West Palm for an hour or so and caught a surprising number of rides. Every one

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30 May-2008

Sunny Friday Morning

Good morning world. Friday morning and I'm stoked the week's almost over. No surf in the forecast but it's all good. Looks like it's going to be a sunny one again and I can't wait. Happy hour's only 9 hours away.On another note, hurricane season

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19 May-2006

Lake Atlantic Returns

Summer is finally here and far too soon for us surfers. The Atlantic looks like a lake. Pristine, glassy and flat, way too flat. The surf outlook from Surfline lays it out for us... “Not much in the way of any surf or even a glimmer of hope for surf

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03 May-2006

Playing Hookie In Sebastian

That’s right boys and girls, I decided to take the day off with my buddy Dan and head up to Sebastian (2 hours north) for a day long surf trip. The initial session at the Sebastian Inlet was brutal. Heavy head high drops and a consistent beating

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02 May-2006

Delray Was Bombing

Whew, that was a shoulder burner. Delray was host to some nice size swell last night. Most sets were in the 4-6 ft. range though some standout sets were 8+ and monsters. Big and nicely lined up lefts on the outside. What a ride too, I caught five

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30 Apr-2006

Jupiter and Beyond

My weekend consisted of surfing constant chop. I woke up early this morning and decided to head up to Jupiter and check out the waves. Whoa, big and powerful wind chop. The shore break was overhead and just getting in was a challenge in itself. I

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28 Apr-2006

Oh Hell Yeah!

After checking the nearshore models for the next few days we’re about to get slammed with some serious surf! The outside sets are calling 10+, time to break out the short boards! I’ll take the camera along for some shots this weekend keep you guys

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25 Apr-2006

South Florida Surf Report

CURRENT SUMMARY: Nothing on tap this morning. Looks flat with only minor traces upcoast -- check the forecast for details. SHORT RANGE FORECAST: High pressure remains in control for Tuesday. A cold front will approach the northern portion of

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