02 Apr-2010

Off to Key West

After I finish up this home page comp and grab some lunch I'm off to Key West for the weekend to hang out with my buddy, Dan and his wife and kid. The ride should take me between 4 and 5 hours which is probably the longest I've ever been on a

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02 Sep-2009

Lots and Lots of Driving (Florida to Ohio and Back)

Sounds like there and back again by Bilbo Baggins but not quite. I decided to drive back to Cincinnati and see family (most importantly my Mom) and friends. The first leg was a grueling 16 hours straight through leaving West Palm Beach at 5am and

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24 Aug-2009

Heading Back to Ohio

Looks like I'm heading home for the first time in over two years. I've decided to drive back to save a bit of money. At least that way I'll have my car to cruise around in instead of some crappy little rental car.For the most part I'll be

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25 Mar-2009

Cancun Photos Are Up

Ok so I know it's been over a week and I DID upload them to my Facebook Account but now I've finally gotten around to adding them up to my SmugMug page for your pleasure. Most of the shots are of the hotel and surrounding area and there are very few

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12 Mar-2009

Good Morning from Cancun

First real morning in Cancun and the boys are still asleep. Gary decided to stay on so we have a small extra bed in our room. I can´t sit there all day so I decided to come down to the pool and grab some breakfast. It looks as though updating this

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