28 Jul-2010

Getting Out of Town for the Weekend

I’m heading to Puerto Rico, baby. It looks like it’s not going to be a surf trip but it’ll be good to get out of town for a weekend. The weeks have been so busy with work and the weekends so busy with pool-side antics it’s time for a break. Though it probably won’t be much of a break from the antics.

My neighbor Mike has a free hotel room in San Juan he told me about in May so all I have to pay for is a ticket. Not bad. We’ll be back on Sunday sometime but the trip there will take some effort.

In lieu of taking a car down to Miami airport we’re taking the train from here in West Palm down. I hear it’s a 2 hour train ride, which almost how long it would have taken if drove. The flight leaves at 8 am so guess what, we’ll be on the train at 4 am just to make the transfer to the airport, customs, etc. This should be interesting…interesting but fun. Check my facebook periodically for updates. I don’t have a small camera any more after Jamie’s going away grill out so the iPhone camera will have to do.

See you when I get back!