03 Aug-2010

San Juan Trip – Just the “getting there” part

After a day of recouperating yesterday I think I’m finally able to recap the trip a bit. Wow, crazy and tiring trip from the word go.

Mike and I hit the Palm Beach train station around 4am on Thursday morning after getting what I’d probably call, no sleep. It’s tough to get some rest when you know you have to get at 3am to travel for a day. After getting to the station we barely made the train, running our asses off over the terminal bridge. Two hours later we were in Miami but wow, that will wake you up at 4am.

The flight left at 7:45 though our boarding pass said “boarding at 7:45” so guess what we had to do… that’s right, run to the damn terminal after breakfast and a couple beers. Finally on the plane we tried to get some rest. It’s not easy to sleep in the middle seat, yeash.

Once we landed off to the hotel, an easy 5 minute ride. The hotel check in time was 4pm but we got there some time around 11. They said just hang out and we’ll have it ready as soon as possible so off to the pool for a cocktail or two. We found a local grocery store after some mis-information from the bartender and picked up some booze and plastic bottles to mix out own drinks in. Grabbed a cheeseburger and waited in the lobby….

After 5 hours of that… we finally had a room! Yeah, check in time was 4pm. Finally we could get some rest. Mike and I got a few hours of sleep then the real fun began…