22 Jul-2008

Unkown Error On The iPhone

iPhone Error
Ok so every time I try and update or upgrade an application on my iPhone I get this “Unknown Error: 0xE800002E. After some adjustments I was able to find a method to resolve, or at least update my apps. Here’s the key:

1. Go to Applications in iTunes under your iPhone panel
2. Set the applications sync manually and only choose the ones that aren’t giving you problems. This will remove the troubled apps from the phone completely.
3. Sync up the phone.
4. Go back into the Applications tab of your iPhone and reselect the ones that were just removed.
5. Resync the phone and the troubled apps should then be reset and uploaded to your iPhone and you’re back in business.

I had contacted Apple about the issue but they were un-able to find a solution so I hope this helps anyone else out there who’s been having this problem.