West Palm Refraction Surprise
24 Apr-2012

At around 4:45 yesterday I checked the Palm Beach live surf cam in the hopes that maybe there was some swell in the water and got a great surprise! Perfect day to head out and catch some waves. Loaded the long board up and booked it to the beach.

Perfect 3-5ft refraction swell with beautiful spray from offshore winds. The air temperature was a bit chilly but the water was warm. The long board was the perfect board to catch the wave but it broke a little fast for any long rides down the shoulder.

As always it was sooo good to get in the water and take a couple hours to myself and get some surfing in. Very stoked to have not missed such a gift. Wish I could have stayed out a bit longer but I didn’t take my 1.5 mil wetsuit top and after an hour and half I was freezing.

Photo taken from Wieland’s Web Wave