27 May-2017

One of my favorite surfing buddies just happened to be in Huntington Beach over the weekend of course we had to get out and catch some waves. I first met Thanh-Ha on Delray Beach, FL about 10 years or so ago and it's probably been at least 8 years

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So I Think We’re Moving to California
23 Sep-2015

As of Monday, my guys in Newport Beach, California made me an offer I can't refuse. It's going to be a huge move and a ton of work but it's time to get the fuck out of steamy Florida and on to dryer pastures (so to speak). Alex is stoked to be close

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Took Alex for a nice surf session on Palm Beach
21 Sep-2014

After a quick ride to PetCo for Bishop’s ear cleaner we decided to hit the beach and check out the surf while on a quick Jeep Ride. Surprise it actually looked rideable and after some consideration we decided it was a good day to get her back out on

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We have a hurricane coming
01 Aug-2014

Hoping over the next week or so we actually get some decent surf. It's been far too long since I've been able to get the board in the water. C'mon Bertha, show me what you got.

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I Got to Go Surfing…Finally
29 Apr-2013

I finally got a chance to head up to Jupiter and visit my buddy Dan and hit the beach and catch a few waves.The surf wasn't that great but I did catch a few and it felt really good to get back in the water. It was the first real surf trip in the

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Looks Like There’s Surf On The Way…Finally
21 Aug-2012

Finally a tropical storm is on the way and according to the Palm Beach Surf Report we should have some decent surf at the end of the week lasting until Tuesday next week. Surf should be maxing out at around 13 ft and the period between swells is

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West Palm Refraction Surprise
24 Apr-2012

At around 4:45 yesterday I checked the Palm Beach live surf cam in the hopes that maybe there was some swell in the water and got a great surprise! Perfect day to head out and catch some waves. Loaded the long board up and booked it to the

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25 Aug-2011

I just shot this a few minutes ago at the Wall on Palm Beach. Reef Rd. was really firing with double overhead sets and some gnarly wipeouts. Wish I was out there but by the time I checked it, packed up and wheeled my ass out there it'd be dark so

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22 Jun-2011

Good Morning

I actually just wanted an excuse to post this picture of Gonzo as Hunter S. Thompson and Animal as his attorney. It's been hot as hell lately which makes it tough to take a ride to the beach except for in the mornings and evenings. Each stop light is

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16 Jun-2011

This Could Be My New Favorite Bar

Walking down to the gym today I noticed this sign up on the building a few doors down from Oshea's (used to be Ray's house of Blues). My buddy Gene has been working all week for the grand opening on July 2nd, chock full of long boards, great food and

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15 Jun-2011

Flat as flat can be

I took this shot on a quick and incredibly muggy/ hot ride to the beach around lunch. There was a little children's surf camp on the beach trying to get kids used to the boards. Too bad there's no surf...wow that's flat.

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09 Jun-2011

There May Be Surf

It looks like there's a little surf out there but according to the forecast it should be bigger tomorrow. They're only calling for 2-3 feet but it is summer so we'll take what we can get.

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