2016 – A Year In Review
29 Dec-2016

Well, I’ve never done one of these but hell, I’ll give it a shot. This year has to be one of the shittiest in recent memory but there were some good things that happened this year.

  • Seeing Elton once again after almost 20 years was awesome as well.
  • Seeing my long time friend Vince get married was also a great weekend.
  • I got a new Jeep (which I’m sure by now you’re well aware) even though it did cost me losing my vintage 1981 CJ7. At least he went to a good home in Mass.
  • I got to hang out with my buddy Tommy and his little son for a day which was definitely a highlight of the year.
  • I got certified to go scuba diving.
  • I finally feel like I belong in California instead of feeling like a transplant.
  • Spent a very cool weekend sailing over and back to Catalina.
  • Even though the water is cold out here, the surf is lots of fun.
  • Bishop is still doing well and keeping me sane
  • and last but not least the new apartment is pretty sweet. It’s the change I really really needed to button up this year on a positive note.

I really wish this list was much longer. So far nothing in the romance department has really panned out. Not sure I’m quite ready to be honest but I’ll get back out there soon enough.

As far as next year I’m just hoping that cheetoh-faced fuck-knuckle (Trump) doesn’t burn this country to the ground….’cause that would suck. Onward and upward you bastards!