So This Is 40? Damn I’m Getting Old
14 Dec-2016

Probably the most lackluster birthday I’ve ever had. I did nothing but move the entire weekend + Monday (my 40th birthday). Bishop and I made our way down to G’s Boathouse for lunch but other than that, really I did nothing fun. Hopefully I’ll have time to celebrate a little this weekend but we’ll see. 40 doesn’t feel any different than 39 really. I do need to get back into Crossfit Shape but that’s going to take some time. I’m working on my general motivation and the fact that I’m downtown and super close to my gym should help. I should be able to drop that extra 8-10 lbs. in no time.

Next on the agenda is purchasing a new beach cruiser. A little self purchased birthday present. Time to really start living the beach life instead of being couped up in my ghetto apartment (old apartment). Time for a change. The new apartment is pretty sweet so far and yes, the Jeep just barely fits under the building.

Here’s to 2017…it’s going to be an interesting year. Let’s hope it’s better than last year.