15.4 Was Disappointing
23 Mar-2015

So the OPEN WOD 5.4 kicked my ass. So much so that even considering doing it again seems daunting. I burnt my shoulders out in the first 3 rounds and wasn’t able to even complete the final 12 before moving on to the 6 cleans. Both Guillermo and myself are pissed at this one. I didn’t even think about how much hand stand push-ups were going to completely drain my shoulders to failure so fast. My kipping technique is nowhere near where it needs to be for that movement and I’m so hesitant about messing my neck up.

The end of the day it was all about technique and stamina and I had neither. Final score for this one… a disappointing 34. Damn.

Thanks again to Posey for some great photos. I know everyone really appreciates them.