Finally the 2015 Cult Classic WOD’s Are Up (updated)
03 Feb-2015

This Saturday is going to be one long ass day… Teams of two compete. This is what the Intermediate division looks like.

WOD 1 – F**k Ass

7 Minute cap
20 alternating partner squat cleans @155 lbs.
Remaining time – Burpee chest to bar pull-up

WOD 2 – Stupid Rope

7 minute cap
Each partner performs 1 round of:
15 burps onto plate
400 meter sprint around the track
50 double unders

Time called then directly into WOD3

WOD 3 – It’s Just a Bar Fight

100 meter 65 lb. sled pull each

WOD 4 – Il Duce

3 Rounds of 1 minute max rep stations each:

Kettle bell swings @53 lbs.
Hang Snatch @95 lbs.
Box Jump-overs 24”
Shoulder to Overhead @75 lbs. (updated)
Max Calorie Row

5 total scores

WOD 5 – ?

Yet to be announced but I have a feeling it’s going to be some kind of crazy chipper and for sure, one partner will have to do a distance hand stand walk.