Hey ho, off to the chiropractor I go
15 May-2015

After a few months of neck pain and a couple weeks of upper back pain Alex got us an appointment to see a local chiropractor. The first adjustment was yesterday… second was this morning (at $30 a pop). It looks like I have some disk and spinal degeneration and long term damage. Fun.

Now it feels like it’s feeling better but at the same time, I feel like I’m being roped into a “wellness plan” like a gym membership you can’t get out of. Why so pushy? I just want to get my spine sorted out… why does this feel weird?

I’m not sure how most chiropractic offices work but this one feels like a cult of sorts. Who knows, maybe it’s just in my head. It’s just a very pushy sales technique (along with loads of religious shit on the walls). Just get me aligned bud and we’re good to go.