My New MacBook Pro 17″
18 Jun-2012

After 5 years of running my old 17″ MacBook Pro I took the financial plunge in finally upgrading to this beauty. $2,768.25 later it’s sitting on my desk, loaded with all of my settings, applications, files and photos. Apple makes the transition from one computer to another super easy, especially if you run TimeMachine for your daily backups.

The only major hiccup I found was all of my Adobe applications were now out of date and the serials didn’t work anymore. The software was CS4 so it was all in need up updating as well. Luckily Adobe now has a monthly payment program to get ALL of the software you could possible want for web design/development for around $50 a month. At least it’s a business write off.

The machine itself is fast as hell and after only a few minor tweaks it’s just like my old computer only super slick, faster. So far I’m impressed with the new Lion operating system as well.

So now my only step is cleaning up the outside of my old laptop and putting it on The hard drive has already been wiped, reformatted and loaded anew with just Snow Leopard. I’m hoping to get $1,000 out of it but I doubt it. I’d settle for a bit less if necessary.