13 Jun-2014


PMP Marketing Group

PMP Marketing Group
Developed a bootstrap based templating system for increased site development efficiency
Designed and developed 35 law firm websites
In charge of maintaining brand consistency throughout all site designs
Rebranded PMP, company stationery and all necessary marketing materials
Designed 3 trade show booths
In charge of all in house marketing efforts including ads, mailers, newsletters and various other marketing materials
Designed numerous trade publication ads
Implemented a division-wide project management solution and trained all employees on how to best utilize the system (RedBooth – formerly TeamBox)
Spearheaded the responsive initiative on all sites to better serve the clients’ needs on all browsers and devices
Designed and planned a custom in-house CMS system based in ColdFusion.
Art directed client photo shoots

Very strong presentation skills when reviewing design comps with clients.
Always available for questions and troubleshooting efforts on all sites
Raised the standard of design company wide

Winner of two Summit Creative Awards (2013)

Sesame Communications

Sesame Communications
Developed and/ or designed over 300 PHP websites in the course of a year and a half. Primary developer of the new mobile website platform offered by Sesame to both current and new clients. Platform is based on the JQTouch coding base, which deals primarily with the iPhone and all WebKit-enabled mobile browsers.

DK Design/Development

West Palm Beach, Florida
Freelance Web Designer and Developer
Working closely with various clients on custom WordPress and Magento E-commerce site solutions as well as designing and delivering a wide array of custom emailers and marketing materials. With the ability to offer such supporting services as SEO/SEM, marketing plans and strategies I am able to quickly and efficiently keep my clients at the forefront of their respective industries.

THAT Agency

West Palm Beach, Florida
Senior Designer / Developer
10/2006 – 4/30/09

Senior Designer / Developer at a small web firm in Downtown Palm Beach. Designing and building high end CSS/PHP sites for various clients. Excelled in site planning, wireframing, designing and constructing. I initiated a full SEO planning and research system that they still use today.


Freelance New Media Designer/Developer
4/2005 – Present

Various freelance jobs that range from small animated Flash or GIF banners, national e-mail newsletters and mailers to large scale flash CD Roms and fully functional website development. All work done on a per diem basis and all deadlines and client expectation met or exceeded.

Native Remedies LLC

Boca Raton, Florida
Lead Web Designer / Webmaster / SEO expert
7/2004 – 11/2006

Redesigned and developed both the Native Remedies brand as well as a complete online presence. Took the leading role in charge of Search Engine Optimization, primary webmaster roles and various other projects on NativeRemedies.com. Lead designer on new web projects, SEO development, brochure design and corporate standards as well as newsletter marketing strategies and development.

Cole + Russell Architects, Inc.

Cincinnati, Ohio
Media/ Graphics Coordinator
7/2003 – 7/2004

Responsibilities included redesigning and constructing a new website, producing marketing materials such as multimedia presentations, brochures, project narratives, proposal designs and various advertisements for all five market segments of C+RA. Created a database to better track incoming marketing initiatives.

Blaskovich Design

Cincinnati, Ohio
Freelance New Media Designer/Developer
2/2000 – 7/2003

Working along side Jay Blaskovich developing high end flash and HTML websites, print material and various Flash CD Rom presentations for various clients from small local companies to InSyle Magazine.

Lange Wheeler Design Group/ Swath Design

New Media Designer
2/2000 – 10/2002

In charge of handling all websites, multimedia presentations, extranets and intranets. Also in charge of IT and software updates and upgrades throughout the office as well as taking care of all system problems. Primary flash designer and actionscript programmer working closely in a steady team environment with several other designers to meet our clients needs accurately and efficiently.

Instant Replay

Art Director/ Lead graphic designer
3/1999 – 2/2000

Multimedia designer in charge of all video graphics and Flash presentations. I designed and constructed several complex multimedia presentations destined for sales and marketing pitches to mass distribution.

The Mercurio Group

Art Director/ Lead Graphic Designer
4/1997 – 9/1997, 7/1998 – 3/1999

In charge of scheduling of incoming jobs, production, layout and client consultation. Reworked production and communications to better serve our clients along with improving project turnaround time.

Dougal D. Thornton Associates

Road Town/Tortola
Art Director/ Primary graphic designer
9/1997 – 6/1998

Managed a design firm that produced local websites, vacation brochures and various other printed materials. Initiated a new organizational process to increase productivity, reliability and project effectiveness.