Sheizka Came To Visit
03 Jun-2016

It was good to spend time with my twin sister, Sheizka, last weekend. Ok, maybe it was a bit longer than a weekend but I’m glad she had a chance to come visit. I did my best to show her around where I’ve had a chance to explore and hang out over the past 6 months. Mainly downtown Huntington, Laguna, Newport, etc. Honestly it was a bit tougher than normal since I really haven’t created (or found) a good group of friends out here. Brett was out of town so it was pretty much just sis and I the entire time aside from one evening with Brett’s wife, Sharon. At least I had the second bedroom all set up for visitors instead of having her crash on the couch.

Overall we spent a lot of time driving around with the top down on the Jeep and walking in various downtown locations.