28 May-2008


Web design

12 Year web design and development veteran. Yeah, I know, hard to believe. I look so young! My years of experience in this field have given me a wealth of knowledge within the web design business. I’ve designed and built sites for clients around the world from restaurants to resorts, online e-commerce sites to simple brochure sites. I’ve been involved in some pretty complicated stuff and I loved every minute of it.


The new layout puzzle. Once you get started you just can’t stop. Not only is it so much faster for browsers to load, the content is better spidered by the search engines and it’s flexibility knows only the bounds of your imagination (and some basic rules of course). I code purely in CSS and write all of my code by hand. No CSS editors or DW selectors for me. Keeping the code clean and manageble as well as cross browser compliant are always challenges when writing CSS and over the past few years I’ve become quite skilled at it. Love those style sheets.


PHP has become an extremeley powerful tool in day to day web design. I commonly use my library of scripts and snippets on most sites I design and build. Everything from hooking up to a CMS system to running complex online forms and user feedback items.

Site Planning and Strategy

Purposing a website is something often overlooked in today’s web design market. Just design it and make it work but in the end the owner rarely takes a look at the absolute focus of his/her site. Planning the strategy from home page to contact is extremely important. Spending time here helps to keep the budget in place and help scope creep. That and of course, the site does exactly what it should – create income or notoriety for the owners.


Wireframing, planning, designing and building professional web sites in PHP/CSS utilizing various aspects of Javascript and AJAX for a multitude of clients.