The Feds Found My Laptop!
08 Aug-2012

I got a call from New York yesterday from a Federal Agent who’s working on a massive Internet Fraud case. They found my old 17″ MacBook Pro when they got the guy. Evidently he’s been running the same scam that got me on several other people throughout the United States.

So it looks like I’ll be getting my old lappy back next week sometime. He called to confirm it was mine and luckily I still had the serial number written down. The idiot didn’t even take my name off the login screen when I sent it though he did lock it.

So when I finally get it back I can just re-wipe it and reinstall the system software and see if I have better luck selling it next time (or give it to my little brother or something).

I asked about pressing charges but I’m not sure I’ll be able to. I’ll keep you guys updated when I get more information but needless to say that pretty much made my day, especially after the whole scam fiasco.