Third Week Back At Crossfit
03 Feb-2017

After the new year I made a commitment to myself to get back into CrossFit. I’ve had my eye on Red Wolf for a few months now, checking their daily WOD each morning and trying to get myself motivated to get over there. A few weeks ago I finally pulled the trigger, cancelled my Equinox membership and put myself back in the “torture myself hell of crossfit” that I so missed as a daily goal.

The box (Redwolf) is super nice; all Rogue equipment and so far the staff is really friendly. I’m only doing the night WODs since the morning ones are a bit out of reach (5am – too early, 6am – too late). I might try the 6am and see if I can get home, shower and walk Bishop as well as get breakfast in time to hit my 8am departure time.

In the end, I’m stoked to be back in Crossfit. I’m finally feeling “sore” on a daily basis and it’s exactly what I needed. The summer body is just around the corner.