Twin Powers Yoga Teacher is a Bit of Bitch
16 May-2012

A couple weeks ago my neighbor Anne convinced me to try her Yoga studio downtown above Duffy’s in downtown West Palm Beach. It’s hot yoga so right off I was reluctant. The instructor that day is a good friend of hers…but to be honest she’s a bit of a bitch.

I’ve been doing Yoga for years and I normally just hold a piece of gum against the inside of my cheek while doing yoga so I don’t have to stop, get a drink of water and lose my breathing. I’m not chewing gum during class, it just keeps my mouth moist. She just said, “no, spit it out” and held her hand out. So, quite matter-of-factly I just spit it out in her hand.

Then the entire class she went on and about letting go of anger, etc and just would not shut the fuck up and let us enjoy our yoga practice. Like a passive aggressive tone throughout the entire class aimed at me. The class itself wasn’t even close to challenging and the only hard part was getting past the heat in the room and putting up with her tone.

Needless to say I’m not going back.

Here’s the kicker – last night my friend Anne invited Julie to go down and join her for a class. Right before the class though Anne found out some news that got her very very upset but they decided to go anyway.

When they got there the teacher (her friend) didn’t even acknowledge that she was visibly upset and just wen on and on about releasing your emotions. Then she made a snide comment about my breathing saying it was annoying during my class. Side note: in my yoga class at my gym, which I love, they often say they miss the sound of my breath during class as it reminds them to breath properly and keeps the class in time and rhythm.

Then she apparently spent the rest of the class not giving them a much needed Yoga practice but criticizing their form and telling them they’re doing everything wrong.

So…. fuck that Twin Powers Yoga bitch. Yoga is for your students, not for you and they come to relax and relieve stress, not put up with your shit.