Week 2 – Back Into CrossFit
16 Apr-2013

Well, I’m back in CrossFit for at least a month. It’s been a tough couple weeks so far so this should be fun though at the moment my wrist is killing me from last nights WOD.


A) Back Squat 5×5 @ 75-80% (for all 5 sets)

B) For Time:
– 200m run
– 10 Deadlifts (245/163)
– 20 Toes to Bar
– 30 Tuck Jump Burpees
– 20 Toes to Bar
– 10 Deadlifts
– 200m Run

Tonight’s doesn’t seem to be too bad but I’m in anyway. I want to have visible abs once again like last time I was into crossfit. I felt like I was beginning to get a little pudgy after the holidays and a couple months off earlier this year.