Welp…So That Happened
09 Nov-2016

Yeah, so that happened and just like every other horrible / memorable thing I’m sure you’ll remember where you were when saw that drama play out. I’d like to stay optimistic, hell even kind of joking about it with Brett this morning but it’s going to be a tough one to just “get over”. The blame lies entirely in the American People and our fucked up election system / cycle. I’m kind of hoping Trump puts away the television personality and actually does what we need him to do. It’s going to be a long hard 4 years. At least when he does fuck up (and he will) we’ll have a very large orange Cheetoh to point to and say, yeah, it was that guy and his whole disenfranchised party. Democrats, you better get your shit together by then and sort out why so many people are tired of your fuckery.

Until then we’ll keep an eye out on this shit-show trainwreck hoping we don’t go completely off the rails. At least the election is over, thank fuck for that.