Yup it’s still broken
03 May-2013

So I decided to go to the doctor’s office yesterday and get an x-ray just to see what’s going on with my wrist and the screw that was put in over 10 years ago.

Turns out it’s still broken and the little screw is the only thing holding it together. Great. It looks like I’ll have to schedule another surgery to redo the screw, new bone graft and a “bone stimulator?”. This should be interesting.

I think I’ll wait till November right before Thanksgiving to get it done so I’ll just take November, December and January off to recoup. Those months seem to be pretty lazy anyway and since I’ll have to have a cast on for a month and lay low for an additional 2-3 months (at least on the working out and crossfit thing) it’ll probably work out.

It all started with some pain a few weeks ago, right around the same time I started back to crossfit, when it really started hurting. It really just feels like I stubbed my wrist, not like it’s broken. I guess it’s been like that for a long time. It just simply didn’t heal properly the first time.

At least this time around the doctor seems optimistic that I’ll get back full mobility which is something I currently don’t have. Only time will tell.

I’ll just hit crossfit and get my ass in shape before then so I won’t feel so bad about taking time off.