Took Alex for a nice surf session on Palm Beach
21 Sep-2014

After a quick ride to PetCo for Bishop’s ear cleaner we decided to hit the beach and check out the surf while on a quick Jeep Ride. Surprise it actually looked rideable and after some consideration we decided it was a good day to get her back out on

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Another week at crossfit down
18 Sep-2014

This one was a particularly tough one. A) Ring / Muscle-up practice (5-10 minutes) Can either practice muscle ups if you got em Practice mu transition (given by coach) Practice skin the cats Do Ring rows / dips B) AMRAP 3 Row for

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CrossFit Saturday morning
13 Sep-2014

Second Saturday morning in a row we’ve gone to CrossFit. This one sucked ass too. At least it was a team event and Alex and I came in third overall in the class.

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We have a hurricane coming
01 Aug-2014

Hoping over the next week or so we actually get some decent surf. It's been far too long since I've been able to get the board in the water. C'mon Bertha, show me what you got.

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I shaved the beard….and I want it back
01 Aug-2014

So Saturday night I shaved off the beard after 8 months of having it and I still barely recognize myself in the mirror. I want it back... So now begins the month-long process of growing it back. It does help now that it's 100 degrees outside but

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Trip back to Cincinnati
14 Jul-2014

Alex and I survived a long trip back to Ohio for the 4th of July weekend last week. We had a blast visiting family and friends throughout southern Ohio. I was kind of disheartened to see how dead my home town has become. It's really tough to see a

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Sloth Week begins this Friday
19 Jun-2014

If you're obsessed with Sloths (like Alex) I'll bet you're going to be completely stoked for this Friday. It's "Sloth Week" and though I'm not really sure what that's going to entail, I'm sure it will be a cute week full of "awe, look at how cute

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My shoulders are going to fall off
18 Jun-2014

Alex and I survived a really tough CrossFit WOD last night and now my right shoulder feels like it’s going to fall off my body completely. I’m hoping it’s not a tear or strain and just muscle soreness and/or fatigue but fuck it hurts. Yesterday

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Check Out This Couple
09 Jun-2014

So Alex's parents were kind enough to invite us to the Annual PBA Ball over the weekend. Thanks guys, it was fun! It gave us a chance get all dressed up and go out dancing (so to speak). Not a bad time considering we were surrounded by the bulks of

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And this is where I work
09 May-2014

Yeah, it's a Mac Desk for sure. At least I have windows and palm trees to look at. Posted for no good reason at all other than eh, I dig my workspace.

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Sunfest Boat Day
03 May-2014

The boat crew took out a big one for Sunfest this year. We did run out of booze by 2:30pm so we had to motor over to another dock, pick up Andrew who was nice enough to pick up some beer and tequila for us, and then motor back to our original

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Taking some fun shots
21 Apr-2014

Just messing around with the good camera over the weekend. Both of my other sites are in serious need of an update so why not set up a little photo studio in the house and shoot some new profile shots? We got some serious ones, some goofy ones and

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