The New Gig
03 Oct-2012

So as some of you know, on Friday the 21st of September I started a new job just down the street and things have been super busy lately. So far the job's going great, still adjusting to the work schedule though. Definitely not used to working till

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Feeling a Bit Better
28 Aug-2012

Last Tuesday I overdid CrossFit and seriously hurt my back. Wow, did I. When I woke the following morning I could barely walk it hurt so bad. So I hobbled six blocks to my doctor's office and made my appointment. That was a hell walk if ever there

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Looks Like There’s Surf On The Way…Finally
21 Aug-2012

Finally a tropical storm is on the way and according to the Palm Beach Surf Report we should have some decent surf at the end of the week lasting until Tuesday next week. Surf should be maxing out at around 13 ft and the period between swells is

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Ah, Mondays…
20 Aug-2012

When all you want to do is sleep in and be lazy...just like these guys. Whew, life's been busy lately and I haven't had much to really say lately on the site so for that, I apologize. If only we had some surf or even a hurricane, that would be

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It’s Friday! Not that that really means anything
17 Aug-2012

No real news... just wanted an excuse to post this picture. Hot surfer girl and fellow Chiver.

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The Feds Found My Laptop!
08 Aug-2012

I got a call from New York yesterday from a Federal Agent who's working on a massive Internet Fraud case. They found my old 17" MacBook Pro when they got the guy. Evidently he's been running the same scam that got me on several other people

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Getting Back in Shape Once Again
28 Jun-2012

So at the beginning of the year I was around 187 pounds and had been for a few years but I decided to do something about it. Yoga was great and I was hitting the gym at least twice a week but to be honest things were pretty much at a standstill.

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I Got Scammed
20 Jun-2012

So in the process of selling my old laptop online I fell victim to a new internet/PayPal/CraigsList scam. Lucky me. I put the laptop on Craigslist yesterday morning and within a few hours I had a buyer. He requested my PayPal information so I

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19 Jun-2012

Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons

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My New MacBook Pro 17″
18 Jun-2012

After 5 years of running my old 17" MacBook Pro I took the financial plunge in finally upgrading to this beauty. $2,768.25 later it's sitting on my desk, loaded with all of my settings, applications, files and photos. Apple makes the transition from

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Twin Powers Yoga Teacher is a Bit of Bitch
16 May-2012

A couple weeks ago my neighbor Anne convinced me to try her Yoga studio downtown above Duffy's in downtown West Palm Beach. It's hot yoga so right off I was reluctant. The instructor that day is a good friend of hers...but to be honest she's a bit of

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Loving My New iPad
02 May-2012

Last Monday my New iPad arrived in the mail! My office in Seattle had an incentive for January for my development team and we killed it so I was sitting in anticipation for a few months to get my hands on it. So far I'm completely loving it. I can

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