So This Is 40? Damn I’m Getting Old
14 Dec-2016

Probably the most lackluster birthday I've ever had. I did nothing but move the entire weekend + Monday (my 40th birthday). Bishop and I made our way down to G's Boathouse for lunch but other than that, really I did nothing fun. Hopefully I'll have

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Finished My Final Dives
05 Dec-2016

So I finally finished my last two dives yesterday to complete my PADI certification. Unfortunately my rental gear was quite shit. My suit had a quarter sized hole right in the taint, talk about letting some cold water in right at the wrong spot. My

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Getting Scuba Certified
29 Nov-2016

A couple weeks ago I had a chance to make my first two dives out at Shaw's Cove in Laguna Beach. Luckily I got to go with a bunch of great guys and a very good teacher from OCSC (Orange County Scuba Center). Two more dives this weekend I'll be PADI

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17 Nov-2016

My first impression of the JK Congo Pro rack was, “wow, this thing is a beast”. It’s probably the best cage I’ve ever seen for a 4 door soft-top Jeep Wrangler JK. Constructed of heavy (and I do mean heavy) duty 2” steel tubing. The installation

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Welp…So That Happened
09 Nov-2016

Yeah, so that happened and just like every other horrible / memorable thing I'm sure you'll remember where you were when saw that drama play out. I'd like to stay optimistic, hell even kind of joking about it with Brett this morning but it's going to

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Just Be Over Already
28 Oct-2016

At this point I think everyone in the world is tired of the circus that is the 2016 election. John Oliver seems to be the most entertaining source for news on the shit-show. I for one just want it to be over. Fuck's sake. This will be my one and only

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27 Oct-2016

Flipping through HULU last night I came across this little film and was really pleasantly surprised. Dark witty humor and as always Sam Rockwell is just a bad ass throughout the film. If you're bored and looking for something entertaining definitely

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Finally Getting A New Apartment
21 Oct-2016

Well, it won't happen until December but the time is coming soon and my current apartment is almost a memory. A bad, kind of shitty memory. It's not a bad place but it's surrounded by screaming kids and nowhere near the beach / downwtown. The new

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20 Oct-2016

If you know me at all you'll know I've always been an X-men / X-factor fan. That includes Deadpool.....yes it does (see New Mutants #98, #99 and #100 which sit comfortably in my closet). Any-who...this one looks like a gritty real version of

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13 Sep-2016
Sailing to Catalina
16 Aug-2016

It wasn't quite a "Catalina Wine Mixer" but it was a lot of fun. A pretty cool 5 hour sail over and 5 hours back on Sunday. Thanks to John and Ilya for having me along.

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Had a Blast Back In Florida for Brant’s Birthday Boating Weekend
30 Jul-2016

Two days traveling and two days with my friends. It was a pretty good trip and great to be back in my "home town" so to speak. The weather was perfect for the quick boat trip over to Peanut Island. I think I got a bit too much sun but it seems like

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