Going back to CrossFit….Again
07 Apr-2014

Today marks another going back to CrossFit day. Alex and I have finally made up our minds and today is the day. She ran this morning and I hit the gym for a light workout. 1 mile run, toes to bar, ab rollouts and some shoulders and pull-ups. I have

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Jeep Is Making Satanic Numbers
03 Apr-2014

Haha, over the weekend I noticed how close my mileage was getting to my sister Sheizka's most feared number so, of course I had to snap a shot of it. Don't worry, we were stopped at a red light.

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Ok, so…I’m back
01 Apr-2014

So I guess it’s time to bring this thing back to life after a few months off. This was one of about 6 websites I’ve been slowly getting back to where they were before the server crash and the complete migration over to the nice fellows at

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Fun Saturday
12 Oct-2013

We somehow managed to get a couch out from of Wine dive on Saturday morning while walking Bishop to the Farmers Market. Leger joined us and we had a great time. A couple Bloody Marys and a couple Mimosas. The weather was spot on perfect.

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In Case You Haven’t Noticed
11 Sep-2013

The server blew up and this is the new site. Well, it’s still the same site just a new server and I honestly haven’t had time to update the design or restore the updates from this year so please bear with me. I’ll get around to it when I can.

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Yup it’s still broken
03 May-2013

So I decided to go to the doctor's office yesterday and get an x-ray just to see what's going on with my wrist and the screw that was put in over 10 years ago. Turns out it's still broken and the little screw is the only thing holding it together.

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Week 2 – Back Into CrossFit
16 Apr-2013

Well, I'm back in CrossFit for at least a month. It's been a tough couple weeks so far so this should be fun though at the moment my wrist is killing me from last nights WOD. WOD–THE CROSSFIT SQUAD MONDAY 4/15/13 A) Back Squat 5x5 @ 75-80%

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It’s Been Awhile
03 Apr-2013

I know, I know it's been forever since I updated the site. Honestly I've had better things to do like take care of my puppy, hunt down a 1981 Jeep CJ7, get it delivered, fix it and get it (and me) on the road once again. That and Facebook has pretty

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Spent the Weekend with My Boys
05 Nov-2012

Finally a fairly relaxing weekend hanging out with my pups. I had both puppies this weekend and we spent most of it watching football and The Walking Dead. I got out my big camera one afternoon and just started snapping away. Perks of the

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The New Gig
03 Oct-2012

So as some of you know, on Friday the 21st of September I started a new job just down the street and things have been super busy lately. So far the job's going great, still adjusting to the work schedule though. Definitely not used to working till

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Feeling a Bit Better
28 Aug-2012

Last Tuesday I overdid CrossFit and seriously hurt my back. Wow, did I. When I woke the following morning I could barely walk it hurt so bad. So I hobbled six blocks to my doctor's office and made my appointment. That was a hell walk if ever there

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Ah, Mondays…
20 Aug-2012

When all you want to do is sleep in and be lazy...just like these guys. Whew, life's been busy lately and I haven't had much to really say lately on the site so for that, I apologize. If only we had some surf or even a hurricane, that would be

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