It’s Friday! Not that that really means anything
17 Aug-2012

No real news... just wanted an excuse to post this picture. Hot surfer girl and fellow Chiver.

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The Feds Found My Laptop!
08 Aug-2012

I got a call from New York yesterday from a Federal Agent who's working on a massive Internet Fraud case. They found my old 17" MacBook Pro when they got the guy. Evidently he's been running the same scam that got me on several other people

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Getting Back in Shape Once Again
28 Jun-2012

So at the beginning of the year I was around 187 pounds and had been for a few years but I decided to do something about it. Yoga was great and I was hitting the gym at least twice a week but to be honest things were pretty much at a standstill.

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I Got Scammed
20 Jun-2012

So in the process of selling my old laptop online I fell victim to a new internet/PayPal/CraigsList scam. Lucky me. I put the laptop on Craigslist yesterday morning and within a few hours I had a buyer. He requested my PayPal information so I

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My New MacBook Pro 17″
18 Jun-2012

After 5 years of running my old 17" MacBook Pro I took the financial plunge in finally upgrading to this beauty. $2,768.25 later it's sitting on my desk, loaded with all of my settings, applications, files and photos. Apple makes the transition from

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Loving My New iPad
02 May-2012

Last Monday my New iPad arrived in the mail! My office in Seattle had an incentive for January for my development team and we killed it so I was sitting in anticipation for a few months to get my hands on it. So far I'm completely loving it. I can

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